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I met and photographed Kerry as a young model. When she got engaged, she called me to photograph her wedding. Kerry is also a wonderful writer and wrote the published article about me in RLife magazine entitled "Through The Lens of Gina Munda". Please click this link to read the article.

I met Samantha when she just began her career as a lawyer. She wanted professional photographs and notified me that she never liked how she looked in most photos. Needless to say, she was thrilled with the results. I have since gone on to photograph her wedding, her first child and then her second child. Here is what Samantha says:"Gina Munda is an extremely talented photographer. She sees things in such a unique, artistic and beautiful way. Reno/Tahoe is fortunate to have a photographer of her caliber in our area. Gina preserved the most incredible memories of my wedding, and made me look far better than I really do in person (which I really appreciated). She is professional, discrete and goes above and beyond what you would expect of her. I have recommended Gina to all of my friends and she does not disappoint. If you are looking for a career photographer, as opposed to a "weekend warrior," she is the right choice. Gina is the best of the best!"

I met KC when she asked me to photograph her wedding several years ago. I have now had the honor of photographing her family and her darling little girl. Here is what KC says:"People thought I was kidding when I told them I planned my wedding around my photographer. But in the end, you are left with your wonderful husband and your photographs. Gina Munda was the first check on my wedding “to-do” list. And she was the smartest choice I made (other than my husband that is!!)Her photography captured the romance and magic of the day while also incorporating the textures, the colors, the moods and the energy of each moment.Gina sought out and captured on film the little glances my husband and I gave each other, the tears in my father’s eyes and the joy in my grandmother’s. She artfully and with quiet grace helped me to see my wedding from both my own perspective but also from that of family and guests.In looking back on my wedding I could have chosen a different venue, a different cake, a different dress or different flowers and it would have mattered very little. I would NEVER go back and choose another photographer. Gina Munda helped make my day what it was…and what it continues to be. Gina is now a fixture in our family as we continue to invite her to share in our family’s joys by taking our family portraitsGina is more than a photographer, she is an artist. From the professional manner in which she approaches her business to the reverence she pays in being invited to share in your family’s moments…Gina will provide you with lasting visions of your wedding day…or child’s birth…or group family portrait. She makes your life’s moments art."

Tammy is a creative writer and blog author with a special sense of humor. It was so much fun to photograph her creative portrait session. Here is what Tammy says:"When I went to meet Gina last year to have my portraits taken, I wasn't exactly what you'd call "comfortable." Here's the thing: 1) The whole situation seemed like a major indulgence because heaven forbid I do something for myself and not include the entire family; 2) I get really nervous when someone points a camera at me; and 3) I had a huge zit on my forehead. Huge.Since "stressed" isn't exactly the look most people are going for when it comes to pictures, I was feeling even more stressed about the fact that I was stressed (just, don't ask). But then Gina showed up. And she was sooooooo relaxed. And funny. And mellow. Before I knew it, I was smiling and laughing -- for real.There are people who know how to work a camera, who can talk your ear off about f-stops, lenses, and filters. But then there are people who can take photos. They can find those "small moments" in people and capture them before they disappear. Gina is one of those people. Somehow she manages to point her camera and find the you under all of that. . . "you." "